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An audio clip took the internet by storm this week, described by many as the second coming of the white and gold or black and blue dress phenomenon.

Some listeners hear the word “laurel” and others are hearing “yanny.” The audio hotly divided the GroundFloor Media and CenterTable offices as we declared our undying loyalties to #TeamLaurel or #TeamYanny. Yesterday, the New York Times even developed a tool to change the frequency of the audio clip so readers can hear both “yanny” and “laurel.”

We thoroughly enjoyed watching different brands and celebrities seize the viral moment to weigh in on the debate throughout the week.

Brands and celebrities take to Twitter

Greek composer Yanni took a moment during his private flight to get in on the joke, insisting it’s his very own name, although pronounced with a slight difference.

Warby Parker took the opportunity to promote a pair of stylish women’s frames, incidentally named one of the divisive words.

Tucson Police Department filmed a press conference to address the gravity of the situation.

Red Lobster surveyed the masses about their preference for cheese-based bread. At last count, Cheddar Bay Biscuits were leading the poll at 61 percent.

During a video interview, Newsweek asked Terry Crews, beloved actor and former football player, to settle the argument once and for all.

Sierra Nevada layered their own audio clips to determine whether its fans would rather crack open a Pale Ale or a Hazy Little Thing IPA.

…and Kit Kat insists the topic is far too stressful to address at all, suggesting a milk chocolate and wafer Kit Kat break instead.

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