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Flags of the United Kingdom Hanging at Royal WeddingThe royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle captivated millions this past Saturday. Despite the early start time, the event was watched by 29.2 million viewers across six major networks in the U.S., according to Nielsen ratings. As for the U.K., 18 million royalists tuned in, with ratings expected to grow when Nielsen Media reports cable tallies.

Whether you are royal-obsessed or not, you have to admire the nearly flawless execution of the global media frenzy leading up to and during the royal wedding. It was a true spectacle made for live TV and choreographed perfectly every second of the way.

Here are my top five PR Lessons from the Royal Wedding.

It’s All in the Details

The planning that goes into a typical wedding is extensive. The planning involved in a royal wedding is a different level of attention to details. The transportation logistics alone within the strict security, protocol and impeccable timing required around the event took months of meticulous planning. Events are a great way to control your message, image and values of your brand.

How can you create a captivating event to showcase your business, service or product?

Visuals are Key

The visuals before, during, and after the event were stunning. The image of the bride and groom leaving Windsor Castle in a stylish silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero, an electric version of the 1968 British classic was not only staged, but also provided a great photo opportunity that was authentic, environmentally friendly and fun. Images of flowers from the service being delivered to nearby hospice homes also provided a sentimental touch point for the couple.

The lesson? Always invest in good visuals for your business and brand.

Control Your Message and Media Access

Media training and rehearsal prior to media engagement is essential. Releasing information to the media in a controlled way stops speculation and can often prevent additional leaks.

This is how the media was controlled at the not so quite intimate service at Windsor Castle. If you want positive media coverage, make it as easy for the media as possible to do their job.

Be available, be accessible and be prepared to deliver your message in a professional manner.

Use Media Momentum to Share Expertise

Smart marketers use the media momentum created by cultural events such as the royal wedding as a way of positioning themselves as experts. There was (and still is) a wedding feeding frenzy for current content and anyone involved in this industry could have offered their views to current and potential customers using the royal wedding as a timely way to share their expertise, gaining visibility and credibility.

What upcoming or seasonal events are happening around you upon which you can build your expertise and thought leadership platform?

The Emotional Hook

Every brand needs an emotional hook. There’s a saying that facts tell and emotions sell.

The empty seat seemingly left for Princess Diana, the Kingdom Choir singing Stand by Me or the first kiss on the steps of St. George’s Chapel were all emotional hooks and defining moments of the big day.

How can you create an emotional hook with your audience?

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