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You know the old saying – “With great exposure comes great responsibility.” No, that’s not it… “Mo’ followers mo’ problems?” No, that’s not it either… Let’s just say “tweet responsibly.” That seems to be the theme this week after scandals broke out in both entertainment and sports due to ill-advised Twitter use. Roseanne Barr finally crossed ABC’s line in the sand with a racist tweet that she’s blaming on Ambien (ok, Roseanne… The makers of Ambien have since fired back). Despite its success, her show was abruptly cancelled. Meanwhile, The Ringer released an article alleging that Bryan Colangelo, general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, has been operating multiple burner accounts to tweet negative information about players, coaches and rival GMs. The 76ers are conducting an investigation into the allegations. Twitter is a powerful communication tool, but take situations like these as reminders that social media can lead to failure if used inappropriately.


Twitter Scandals:

ABC already dropped Roseanne for her racist tweet, but it will be interesting to see how the Bryan Colangelo situation unfolds. The evidence seems pretty damning.

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