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One platform is deleting users. The other is adding functionality to allow its most engaged users to get even more involved. That dichotomy of headlines seems to well depict the current state of Twitter, a platform actively fighting to break free of its spam-laden legacy, against the consistently spam-averse Instagram, which continues to offer a leg to stand as its parent company Facebook also looks to fight off spam-related issues. Long story short, if you like spam, we hope it’s the sort that comes from a can, because the internet finally seems interested in expelling it from its most popular platforms.


New York Times: In Twitter Purge, Top Accounts Lose Millions of Followers

Twitter has long threatened it, and this week the social platform is taking big steps to globally purge accounts it had previously locked after suspecting them of spamming users. Within minutes on July 12, celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian lost millions of followers. In addressing the purge, Twitter wrote, “Follower counts are a visible feature, and we want everyone to have confidence that the numbers are meaningful and accurate.”


Social Media Today: Google Announces New Ad Options for the Coming Holiday Season

Google seems to be taking a page out of Facebook’s book with the introduction of Responsive Search Ads. Similar to how Facebook allows A/B testing for its ad content, the responsive ads will allow advertisers to show variations of ads while tapping into Google’s algorithms to determine which are performing best. Google says beta testing showed this helped advertisers see up to 15 percent more clicks on ads. Additionally, Google is introducing “Maximize Lift” ad functionality to YouTube, which will allow advertisers to target people perusing the video platform for information about topics like vehicles or meal prep at a moment when they are highly likely to consider a brand.


Fortune: Instagram’s Questions Sticker Lets Story-Watchers Ask You Anything

Speaking of borrowing functionality from other platforms, Instagram, a platform that has long been user-first, is borrowing a tactic from Reddit, a platform that has long espoused a similar mantra. Meet Questions Sticker, launched on July 10. It allows users to prompt Instagram Story-watchers with a request for questions, which said user can then answer publicly in subsequent posts. For those worried about privacy in these public Stories, note that only the user who requested questions can see the identity of those who ask questions.


Tech Crunch: Snapchat Debuts Library of Selfie Filters

For the many brands eager to produce their own filters on Snapchat, the news that Snapchat is debuting a Lens Explorer library of selfie filters could be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, this extension of the platform’s existing Lens Carousel illustrates just how popular these location-based augmented reality experiences have become. On the otherhand, depending on the location, it shows just how easy these filters could get lost in the increasing dross of available options.

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Project Highlight

center-table-noble-energy-broncos-video-featuredNoble Energy | Noble Energy and Denver Broncos Partner for Day of Service

The branding of the event remained consistent amongst Noble and Broncos social media accounts, with consistent and engaging usage of the new #NobleActs hashtag throughout the day – a hashtag that often appeared side-by-side with the Broncos’ existing and popular #BeAChampion hashtag.

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