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User experience, from site speed to site security, is a key component in any search marketing program and that is evident in some of Google’s latest updates. And it sounds like Amazon Prime might want to take note given its recent Prime Day blunders.


Search Engine Journal: Google “Speed Update” is Rolling Out Now for All Users

Google’s mobile Speed Update, which was announced early this year, has rolled out worldwide this month, making page speed a ranking factor on mobile as well as desktop devices. Although this update doesn’t prevent your mobile website from ranking altogether, it may hinder your rankings if your mobile speed doesn’t measure up to your competitor’s.

Search Engine Journal: Google My Business Lets Users Add “Call Now” Button to Posts

Google recently launched posts on Google My Business, which allow local business owners to publish updates that will appear in both Google search and maps results. This week, they’ve expanded that functionality to include a “Call Now” button too.

Search Engine Land: Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’

It’s no secret that Google prefers secure websites given the minor rankings boost that comes with it. Now Google’s Chrome web browser will label non-secure websites as such right in the browser too.

MarketingTech: Google rolls out rack of machine learning ad tools

On the heels of the recent ad platform rebrand announcement, Google has also announced the launch of a new suite of ad tools with built-in machine learning capabilities. Find out how Google is integrating AI technology across Search, Shopping and YouTube platforms.


Bloomberg: Amazon Stumbles Into Blunder on Prime Day

Amazon Prime, known for delivering anything and everything to your door in 2 days, failed to deliver on Amazon Prime Day this year. Slow page speeds, vanishing inventory and site outages left many users frustrated by their sub-prime experience.

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