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rachael-roark-weekly-reads-centertable-our-growing-connectedness-changes-in-techIn this age of being constantly connected, people have come to expect that the information they are looking for is at their fingertips. This edition of Weekly Reads covers how technology giants are continuing to push the envelope in terms of the amount and type of information that is accessible and where it is accessible. We as users are also raising our expectations around the level of transparency that these giants are providing.

Marketing Land: Google Expands Google Assistant Integration

Google announced a slew of new capabilities and integrations for Google Assistant. It will now be able to switch interchangeably between languages and Google is partnering with new third-party smart display and smart speaker companies. There are also a wide range of new connected home devices that will support the assistant such as thermostats, security devices and vacuums. Google is doing this in an effort to continue to increase the advantage that it already has in international markets.

The Verge: Google Launches New Search Engine for Scientists  

Just launched, Dataset Search aims to organize datasets for the scientific community. It is a companion for Google Scholar, the search engine for academic studies and reports. The initial rollout of Dataset Search will cover environmental, social sciences and government data.

We are Social Media: Starting September 30th, Twitter will be Enforcing its New Policy for Issue Ads.
At the end of this month, Twitter will start to label election and political candidate ads in an effort to provide increased transparency to its U.S. users. With this new policy comes a mandatory certification process for advertisers to be able to run in-stream Twitter ads. The move is in part to protect against “bad actors” looking to influence U.S. political elections.

Search Engine Watch: Personalize your Campaign with Search Behavior
Leveraging search behavior to create user profiles that allow you to create tailored campaigns that speak to your various target audiences can be an effective way to stand out from your competitors.

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Project Highlight

Within just three short months following the launch, the Havern website dramatically improved its search engine rankings and achieved higher keyword position than its local competitors on select targeted keyword terms. Havern also saw an increase in traffic and engagement on the website and reported an increased number of inquiries and student enrollments through the website.

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