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Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 12.18.35 PMYouTube recently announced some new ad formats that will allow viewing audiences to learn more about, and even buy, products and services without leaving the platform. Additionally, new tools are on their way that will allow for brand lift studies to be conducted on the Google Ads platform in real time, similar to a feature that Facebook has offered for a while.

The announced updates will work much much like they do in the search format with new “extensions” coming soon that will allow viewers to identify the location of a business and submit lead details from within an in-stream ad.

As consumption on YouTube continues to grow (the platform generates more than a billion hours of watch time each day) Google hopes to increase access to tools that allow marketers to truly measure campaign results. They’ve made efforts to help advertisers better understand how their YouTube media spend is affecting offline actions and its latest updates, including added offline measurement specialist IRI to it’s list of approved Google Measurement Partners should go a long way to making campaigns much more effective and measurable.

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