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Change happens rapidly in the digital world. This edition of Weekly Reads covers where advertising dollars could shift to in the future, emerging ad formats and new data that could help you better reach your audiences.

Search Engine Land: Advertisers Shifting Budget From Search to Amazon

Amazon has become the third largest digital ad seller, just behind Google and Facebook. According to the Amazon Advertising Forecast, 30 percent of those polled plan to shift money from search to fund their spending increases within Amazon. This has implications for Google and Bing as they will now face direct competition from the tech giant. This impacts search agencies who will need to train or hire additional talent to run Amazon advertising campaigns. This survey shows continued growth for new channels that offer additional avenues to reach target audiences.

Search Engine Journal: Facebook Introduces Advanced Analytics: Measure Page Level Actions

Facebook is rolling out advanced analytics that allow you to measure more meaningful interactions at the page level. This means that advertisers can now create audience segments based upon people who have taken specific actions on the page. Facebook is also introducing Instagram Analytics which will be available through the Facebook Analytics dashboard.

Search Engine Journal: Pinterest Lets Businesses Promote Multiple Products in a Single Ad

Pinterest has released a new ad format which allows all brands with business accounts to promote five different products in a single ad. These are called promoted carousel ads. These carousel ads get displayed in a user’s feed just like any other pins.

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