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Instead of arguing over politics with uncle Larry, or pretending to listen to another story about aunt Erma’s cats, take a peek at some recent happenings in the digital world. We’ve set up a feast of social media news and related tidbits to tide you over during the holiday break. Maybe you’ll have time to spare while you camp out in front of Best Buy or hang out during halftime of one of the football games. Either way, Happy Thanksgiving from GroundFloor Media and CenterTable!

Main Course:

The Return of Vine

Digital Trends: Vine Fans, Your Favorite Video-Looping App Is Coming Back as Byte

Vine is coming back! Well, sort of… One of the co-founders of Vine announced that he’s coming back with a similar video-looping app that should launch early next year.


Color Theory

Social Media Today: 40 Facts About How Color Psychology Can Boost Your Website Conversions (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered how color affects your customers’ decision-making? Ninety-three  percent of consumers say that visuals are the most important factors while shopping online.


Digital Trends: Twitter Boss Hints That an Edit Button for Tweets May Be on Its Way

Talk of an edit button goes all the way back to 2013, but there hasn’t been much traction. Five years later, it sounds like Twitter is still considering the option, but would only implement it as a quick fix. In other words, you could quickly change a typo or incorrect URL, but editing an embarrassing tweet from years ago wouldn’t be an option.

Holiday Shopping

Instagram and Snapchat are both launching shopping options for the holiday season. Instagram rolled out a shopping list feature for saving products you see on your timeline, plus, businesses have the option to add a Shop tab to their profiles. Snapchat, in partnership with Shopify, is launching a channel in Discover called “Shop and Cop” that will feature time-sensitive deals.


get-grounded-foundation-cooking-mattersProject Highlight

Cooking Matters | Get Grounded FoundationThis Get Grounded Spotlight series episode features Cooking Matters, an organization dedicated to educating parents of children ages five and under on food nutrition and how to shop smarter, helps provide awareness and action to childhood hunger issues, and helps connect low-income families to the healthy food they deserve.

Since 1994, Cooking Matters Colorado has provided statewide assistance with their vast network of volunteers. Lending their talents as culinary instructors, nutrition instructors, and tour guides for families at local supermarkets, volunteers are able to do their part in order to end childhood hunger in Denver. Cooking Matters’ commitment to ending childhood hunger in Denver is why the Get Grounded Foundation is proud to partner with this organization.


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