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‘Tis the season for year-end lists, recaps, best-ofs and Who Won Whats. The calendar change is always a good time to look back at the past year, think about what happened, how things have evolved and how we can put those learnings into motion for the year ahead. Happy holidays and happy reading. 

Year-End Trends & Recaps

The Drum: Brands That Won On Twitter in 2018, According to Twitter

The ups and downs of Twitter in 2018 were palpable. From slowing user growth and a subsequent falling stock price to growing time spent per user on the platform, back to security and user data issues. Through it all, brands and executives continue to find unique and creative ways to interact with audiences on the platform – this article highlights some of the best from 2018.

Digiday: Snapchat is a Great Place for Gen Z

Disclaimer: This is technically a “podcast” and not a “read,” but it’s worth the listen. Particularly as it relates to planning strategies for 2019 and considering not only audience demographics, but behaviors. As Gen Z grows up and acquires more purchasing power, they’ll likely still continue using Snapchat as their go-to platform. 

Entrepreneur: What Seth Godin Wants You to Know About Marketing in 2019

If you’re looking for an intelligent mind to help you think strategically about the year ahead, Seth Godin is always a great place to start. In his opinion, “marketing with people instead of at them” will be crucial in connecting with your audiences in 2019. 

Digiday: Why Top Marketers Won’t Quit Facebook After 2018 Scandals

Facebook’s privacy issues were definitely a top storyline in our industry this past year. But don’t expect the backlash to be too significant for marketers moving forward. 

MarketingLand: The New Best Practices for Digital Brand Storytelling

The way individuals use social platforms and consume media has continued to evolve, as have the features, bells and whistles of the platforms themselves. As such, evolving our storytelling approach to digital content strategy will be imperative as we look to 2019.

On the Blog:

Get Grounded Spotlight: PlatteForum: In our final Get Grounded Foundation spotlight of 2018, learn about PlatteForum and what they’re doing to enhance and change lives within the Denver arts industry.

Project Highlight:

Organic and Paid Search Marketing | Kirby-Smith Machinery

Driving quality traffic to a website is one thing. Doing it for a company whose product has a larger price tag and a potentially long sales cycle is another.

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