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Do your Facebook business page posts get minimal engagement? There could be quite a few factors at work, from the type of content you’re posting to the audience you’ve built and how much they trust you. I want to emphasize that having tons of followers is not your one-way ticket to social media success. Growing your following should just be one element of your organic Facebook strategy. That aside, we know that more and more Facebook is limiting organic business page reach. Some pages are reaching only about two percent of their owned audiences in 2018. So, if you only have 100 followers, having your post reach two people isn’t going to result in much engagement even if 100 percent of them engage. All of this leads us to our tip for a simple way to get likes on Facebook.

Get likes on facebook page

This tactic is small-scale, but ideally, because you have a well-targeted audience, it will have a high return. Generally what you’re doing is inviting select people who have already engaged with your content to like your Facebook page.

Step one – Find people who already like your content

First, navigate to a post on your Facebook business page that has a few likes. Click on the area that says how many likes you have, or names the people who liked your post.

Step two – Invite people to like your Facebook page

This should open up a box that says “Invite to Like (Facebook page name.)” From there you can see whether the people who liked your post also like your page. This is where you can get likes on Facebook from people who have already expressed interest in your content. Clearly, they’ve engaged with your post and shown interest. It makes sense for them to be inclined to like your Facebook page to get more, similar content. If a person has already liked your page there will be a greyed out “liked” button next to their name. If they haven’t liked your page there will be an “invite” button next to their name. Click on that button and it will send them a message inviting them to like your Facebook page. You’ll see a greyed out “Invited” button next to people who you’ve already invited to like your page on Facebook so you don’t accidentally do it twice.

Screen to show where to invite people to get Facebook likes

When to use this tactic to get likes

This tactic obviously works best when you’re looking at posts that have reached more than your typical audience because you want to have engagement from people who don’t already like your page. Posts that have been shared or ones that you’ve put some ad spend behind will have the most likes from people outside your current audience. You can make this tactic a quick, regular part of your social media monitoring.

Engaging people who have already shown interest in your content is an effective way to get likes on Facebook. One important element of this is that you aren’t buying likes from some spam farm with accounts that will never engage and might eventually be banned. You’re getting Facebook page likes from people who have already shown interest in you and who are hopefully in your target audience. Remember, getting likes on Facebook isn’t the only way to increase engagement. Having many followers won’t guarantee that your posts will get likes if your content strategies aren’t up to snuff.

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