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Each year we start the new year with high hopes, dreams and resolutions. Sadly, by February, 80 percent of us well-meaning folks have abandoned our New Year’s resolutions. Six years ago I discovered the “one word” concept thanks to motivational speaker, Jon Gordon. Instead of focusing on multiple things, the idea is to focus your time, energy and headspace on one thing. Over the past year, I’ve focused on living in the now. Enjoying the present instead of rushing ahead. I didn’t do it perfectly every day, but having the one word reminded me to take a breath in the moments that I would normally rush through.

New Years resolutions - 2019 one word resolution

This year my word is posture. My hope is that before I start my day, a conversation or even a workout, I check in with my mental attitude. How is it showing up in my words and actions? What “posture” am I sharing with others?  

The team at GroundFloor Media and CenterTable are so supportive, they’ve joined the one-word quest! Here’s a sampling of “one words” that we’re focusing on in 2019.

Amanda Brannum
2019 One Word: Present
What does this word mean to you? My hope is to be more present in 2019 – focused on the here and now and not always doing things while thinking/worrying about the 10 million other things on my to-do list. I want to be less distracted, less preoccupied and more present in my daily life.

Amy Moynihan
2019 One Word: Reset
What does this word mean to you? Inspired by Jocelyn K. Glei from the Hurry Slowly podcast, I want to evaluate my priorities, time and where my energy is being allocated at home, work and play.

Amy Claire Wild
2019 One Word: Renew
What does this word mean to you? It’s my reminder to take the time to do things that renew, restore and replenish my heart, mind and soul. Rather than considering activities like savoring a good book or enjoying a nearby outdoor hike as guilty pleasures, I want to reframe them as valuable “fuel” that renews and re-energizes my outlook.

Armand Piecuch
2019 One Word: Fortitude
What does this word mean to you? Fortitude means approaching challenges and adversity with strength of mind, spirit and character. This year, I’d like to give myself the mental time and space to acknowledge my difficulties, and address them more efficiently and constructively.

Ben Hock
2019 One Word: Endure
What does this word mean to you? I have a tendency to start personal projects and leave them unresolved. I get excited about an idea and start, but rarely follow through. This year I want to focus on enduring and not giving up part-way through on my personal goals.

Brooke Willard
2019 One Word: Connection
What does this word mean to you? The past few years have truly been about survival with two little kids and a full-time career. Now that my kids are a bit older (AKA – slightly more self-sufficient and actually sleeping through most nights), I want to put energy back into connecting with people, be it revitalizing existing relationships that have grown distant or building new ones that I haven’t had the capacity to pursue, but know are well worth the investment.

Carrie Odberg
2019 One Word: Begin
What does this word mean to you? I chose “begin” as a reminder, in all areas of life, to just start even when I may not know all the answers or the outcomes. Just start and see where life goes!

Justin Szykowny
2019 One Word: Accountability
What does this word mean to you? I want to be accountable to myself in 2019, by doing the things I say I’m going to do.

Rachael Roark
2019 One Word: Growth
What does this word mean to you? I want to continue to push my growth in all aspects of life as I feel most alive when I am working toward reaching my full potential.

Ramonna Robinson
2019 One Word: Grateful
What does this word mean to you? I am grateful every day for the talented team I get to work with, for my friends and family and for my health. I want to focus on what I have vs. what might be wrong.

Tricia Bennett
2019 One Word: Create
What does this word mean to you? This word has been speaking to me for a few months. I’m always so focused on the everyday, this year I really want to go out of the box and find inspiration in 2019 by creating something – art, a short story, pottery, who knows?! I’m hoping that starting a small creative project will bring more creativity into my whole life.

What one word would you like to focus on in 2019? What do you hope the word will inspire in your year ahead? Leave your one word in the comments below. We’d love to cheer you on!

Olivia Ward is a director of digital strategy at CenterTable, where she creates digital marketing strategies that make client dreams come true. She has more than 10 years of experience helping brands find and target their audience IRL and digitally.

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