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In order to drive results from your digital marketing campaigns, it is important to understand who your target audience is and how and where to effectively reach them. This edition of Weekly Reads covers recent changes to the digital marketing space that are expanding the means by which you can reach your audience and leverage additional data to understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Land: YouTube TV Now Available in More than 98% of U.S. Households

YouTube announced that it will be expanding to 95 markets, which means it will be available to 98 percent of households. This means advertisers will be able to reach more of their desired target audiences since YouTube TV uses dynamic ad insertion to serve relevant ads to users.

MarTech Today: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Launches New Analytics Tools Powered by Datorama

Salesforce launched three new analytics tools six months after acquiring Datorama. With these new tools, marketers will be able to import data from social, mobile, and email platforms; develop custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to track and evaluate campaign data; and monitor campaign analytics in real-time to optimize their campaigns.

Search Engine Journal: Google Expands Access to 15-Second Non-Skippable Video Ads

Previously, Google’s 15-second non-skippable ads were only available to select advertisers. These ads are now available to all advertisers through Google Ads and Display and Video 360. The ads will be displayed across YouTube and Google video ad partners.

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