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Later this week, we’re gathering as a team to celebrate Groundhog Day, a cherished tradition at GroundFloor Media & CenterTable. We’ll be clinking glasses and rubbing elbows as a team over the weekend. In the meantime, we aren’t embarrassed to admit that we’re a little obsessed with LinkedIn. The platform’s ad capabilities are expanding week by week and we’re admiring their new frontier. This edition of Weekly Reads includes some pointers for the platform as well as Mark Zuckerberg’s latest shenanigans.


Forbes: WhatsApp Is Merging with Facebook Messenger

Zuckerberg is back at it again, planning to combine WhatsApp and Instagram via an integration with Facebook Messenger. Can we weather the uncertainty of communicating across three services in one space? Many users are skeptical of Zuckerberg’s claims that a unified backend will ultimately make messages and data more secure.


WeRSM: Instagram Will Soon Allow You to Share Direct Links to Entire Stories

Much as we love the platform, Instagram has taken many of its development cues from good ol’ Snapchat. It’s now rolling out a feature that enables brands to share links to the Stories feature, allowing you to easily promote your finite content. 


Forbes: Eight Ways to Measure Your Success on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is relishing its moment in the spotlight as a social media darling as brands and advocates realize its amplification abilities. When it comes to reporting your success, where should you begin? This list of profile metrics will get you started.

Digiday: Buyers are shifting budgets to LinkedIn

With its announcement of interest targeting this month, in which brands can advertise to users according to their work interests, big companies are setting their sights on LinkedIn for 2019 ad budgets. LinkedIn is also developing lookalike audiences, one of Facebook’s most appealing ad capabilities.

Social Media

Marketplace: Your social media posts are likely way more predictable than you think

Privacy should always be a concern when it comes to posting your life online. That said, we’re more predictable (and let’s face it – boring) than we think we are when it comes to what we share on the internet.

Project Highlight

Follow the story of The Smart Ash, a forester dedicated to eradicating the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

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