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Last month, Facebook announced its plans to merge Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp direct messaging platforms into one. This week, even more changes are happening with how we send and receive messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Read on to find out where your messages can be retracted — and where they go to never die.


CNet: Instagram direct messaging could be coming to browsers, desktop

Traditionally, mobile-focused Instagram is testing the waters with direct messaging on desktop devices. This timely move coincides nicely with Facebook’s recent consolidated messaging platform announcement.

Digital Trends: Instagram to make giving easier with a Stories donation sticker for fundraisers

Following the success of its new shoppable sticker last fall, Instagram is currently developing a donation sticker to make it easier for users to show support or bring awareness to meaningful causes via Stories. Slated to roll out later this year, the new sticker would allow you to search for a nonprofit to incorporate into your story. Viewers could then tap the included “donate” button to contribute directly to the organization.


Mashable: Twitter still keeps archives of your DMs years after you deleted them

Remember that thing you said in a deleted Twitter DM a few years ago? Yeah, so does Twitter. Turns out Twitter has been keeping old archives of deleted DMs long past what its privacy policy suggests.

TechCrunch: First look at Twitter’s Snapchatty new Camera feature
Twitter is currently developing a new Snapchat-style camera with a slew of new features. Swipe left to choose from six colored backgrounds for the caption and location overlay cards before posting your next image.


Marketing Land: Facebook Pages will soon be able to respond to Instagram Direct messages

In addition to consolidating its messaging platforms, Facebook also announced a time-saving update that allows brands to manage direct messages from both Facebook and Instagram accounts via the “Unified” Facebook Pages inbox.

Digital Trends: Facebook’s long-promised ‘unsend’ feature arrives. Here’s how to use it

A long-awaited option to delete messages within Facebook Messenger became a reality last week. Although you cannot delete old messages, this update allows users in individual and group chats to retract a message for up to 10 minutes after hitting send, perfect in cases of typos, messages sent to the wrong person and other errors — assuming they are caught in time. Take note though, the recipient(s) will still see a “Message removed” notice where the erroneous message once appeared.

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