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Hi, friends. It’s Clare. In lieu of our usual Weekly Reads, we’re sending a themed email this week that covers our adventures at a recent conference.  Will and I flew to the sunny confines of San Diego last week to attend Social Media Marketing World (echo sound effect: World, World, World). Hosted by the smart folks behind Social Media Examiner and held at the massive San Diego Convention Center (perhaps best known as the home of Comic-Con), dozens of panels and workshops were held over the course of three days. Will kept his producer hat on, focusing on video and live streaming topics and speakers. I opted to dive deep on Instagram and the possibilities that live within influencer marketing. Below are some of my learnings from a few of the #SMMW19 sessions for you to fold into your own marketing flow.

Session: How to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers with Jasmine Star

The gist: We perceive that Instagram is a social ladder that we must climb relentlessly. Marketers are under the false impression that to succeed on this platform, we have to create an aspirational sense of have and have-nots. The secret to growing on Instagram? Stop trying to grow and engage authentically with your current audience, no matter how small. Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, your posts will be seen more often by 1,000 engaged followers than by 10,000 passive followers.

Takeaways: Go deep, not wide. Growth happens through engagement.

Influencer Marketing: Lessons from the Trenches with Ursula RIngham and Megan Conley

The gist: An influencer is a trusted voice that influences buyer decisions. Influencer marketing continues to be a powerful launchpad for brands to capitalize on loyal audiences that have been carefully built brick-by-brick by someone else. Most of us could describe what influencer marketing is, but how do you do it?

Takeaways: To build an influencer program that scales, you need two important components in place. 1) A strategy with a programmatic approach that carefully maps out your priorities for the year. 2) Leadership buy-in and budget.

Instagram Influencers: How Brands & Influencers Can Win Together with Branden Harvey

The gist: Your return on investment is a long-term game when it comes to influencer marketing. Brandon recommends Instagram as the most optimal social platform for influencers because it’s so visual. If you’re considering who should be in your influencer program in the first place, ask your followers who they follow and admire. You should be more concerned with engagement than vanity metrics like follows and likes.

Takeaways: The best influencer campaigns can be described as follows: a custom campaign built around your dream influencer and their personality OR your dream campaign designed first and then sourcing influencers who are a perfect fit for it.

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Colorado Department of Human Services | Foster Parent Digital Recruitment Campaign
The Colorado Department of Human Services partnered with our team to address the state’s need for 300 new foster care families. Specifically, they asked for our help addressing that need using existing video content and the infrastructure of their existing website.

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