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Earlier this week Snap announced the launch of Snap Select, which allows advertisers to reserve commercial space in Snapchat Discover shows, which can provide space on the platform’s premier content and increase the likelihood that it is seen by the young consumers that Snap so often flaunts.

Snapchat expects that Snap Select will be available some time in the second quarter, offering non-skippable six-second ads in their premium video inventory with a fixed cost-per-thousand viewers (CPM). The Snap Select shows feature professionally created content and are reviewed and curated by people who ensure quality and brand safety.

Snapchat’s new inventory allows them to compete for premium advertisers against YouTube’s Google Preferred and Facebook’s In-Stream Reserve, other options that allow advertisers to be much more selective about the type of content that their ads appear alongside. Facebook claims that more than 70% of ads served in the format are viewed to completion and most with the sound on.

As more and more brands and marketers become adept at creating high-quality video content and the lines between traditional television advertising and digital video advertising blur, the need to serve our best campaigns with content that is safe and engaging becomes more and more important. These new options ensure that a delivery mechanism remains to do just that.

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