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Along with its recent SEO mythbusters video series and Google Search Console changes, Google has been quite busy this month rolling out a variety of updates designed to enhance user experience and increase security. Meanwhile, some of our go-to social channels have been enhancing their ad platforms and algorithms too.  


Search Engine Journal: Google Confirms Testing Pages With Zero Search Results

Google has been testing a “zero relevant search results” prompt for the search engine results page (SERP) to appear for queries where no relevant results are found. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your hands on the list of search queries that trigger this “no results” prompt to create relevant content for them?

Search Engine Journal: Google Deprecates Old Keyword Planner, New Version is Now Complete

Google rolled out a new Keyword Planner with the new Google Ads interface in 2018. Explore all of the recent updates to the feature set and user experience, such as improved forecasting and simplified navigation.

Cnet: Google Assistant is 10x faster and knows where your mom lives

Find out what Google is doing to compete with other voice assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, to provide users with the instant gratification we’ve increasingly come to expect from our ever-connected smart devices.

Mashable: Google Maps augmented reality directions are here (and actually useful)

As promised, augmented reality in Google Maps is being rolled out to Pixel phones. Find out how it uses the camera to identify a user’s surroundings, rather than GPS, to increase accuracy in dense areas. Also, watch as Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, walks through the latest enhancements in privacy and security in Google Maps with regard to users’ search and location history.


Digital Trends: Instagram’s new camera feature, Create Mode, isn’t for taking photos or video

Instead of using photos or videos, Instagram’s new Create Mode will now allow users to create content from scratch with a blank canvas and the use of effects and stickers.


Mashable: Now you can book appointments directly through Instagram and Facebook

After being in testing for some time, Facebook announced it is now ready to roll out the ability for businesses to allows users to book appointments directly through Instagram and Facebook. Learn the ins and outs this new Appointments feature.


Digital Trends: Twitter: Now you can jazz up your retweets with GIFs, photos, and videos

The days of text-only retweets are the thing of the past! Now users can add media to a retweet, including GIFs, photos and videos.


Marketing Land: Spotify is testing voice-enabled ads that let listeners command engagement

WIth voice assistant adoption rates on the rise, it’s no surprise that Spotify is using this technology to test out a new voice-enabled ad experience too. Users on mobile devices with microphone permissions enabled will be given the ability to interact with ad content using voice commands.

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Healthier Colorado | Search Engine Marketing Campaign Boosts Exposure For Ballot Initiative:

In collaboration with GroundFloor Media, CenterTable launched the digital component of an integrated public awareness campaign comprised of organic and paid search programs aimed at increasing visibility, awareness and support for Boulder’s “soda tax” ballot initiative. Ultimately, the campaign was successful and the initiative passed during the 2016 elections.

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