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A multitude of factors such as widespread pressure to improve privacy, Instagram’s rise as a short form content platform and Pages that grew massive audiences with what was essentially, stolen content has caused Facebook to reconsider and adjust the type of video content that it rewards and proliferates in the Newsfeed. Marketers adept at creating strong, engaging content stand to benefit. 


The Drum: Is video still king, given the latest Facebook algorithm change?

A recent Facebook algorithm change proclaimed that the platform would be putting a much stronger emphasis on original video, viewing duration and loyalty, and intent. How should that affect your content planning? Aim for videos that encourage repeat viewing, capture viewers’ attention for at least a minute and are original or have significantly modified content. 

AdExchanger: Facebook’s Clear History Feature May Mess With Its Targeting Options

Facebook is responding to cries for greater control over the data the platform collects from each user and one of the resulting solutions will likely have a sizeable impact on advertisers. The details of how this new feature will work are still murky but marketers should consider the possibility of audience targeting changes as they plan their campaigns for the second half of 2019.


SocialMediaToday: The Smallest Viable Audience: How Micro-Influencers are Changing Marketing

Author and marketer Seth Godin has said that businesses should look for “the smallest viable audience” to build loyal relationships and repeat business. At a recent appearance at Social Media Week in New York City, Godin explained how the shift from influencers with huge audiences to “micro-influencers” can create connections that last. 


The Drum: Generation Z – the truth and nothing but the truth

All of the talk about what millennials have ruined and the differences in their work styles can distract marketers from the next big generation that will be the target of their messaging, Generation Z. Gen Z, or people born from the mid-90’s to the early 2000’s, have a unique set of characteristics but they are defined by the differences in their attitudes and behaviors. With the oldest members of this generation already in their mid-20’s it’s important that we work to understand what makes them unique.

Project Highlight

Colorado Department of Human Services | Foster Parent Digital Recruitment Campaign

The Colorado Department of Human Services partnered with our team to address the state’s need for 300 new foster care families. Specifically, they asked for our help addressing that need using existing video content and the infrastructure of their existing website.

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