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We often highlight the latest platform features and tweaks that can provide marketers and communicators a leg up on more effectively reaching and engaging with audiences. We have a couple newsworthy items of note this week, but we’d also like to take a step back and take the ever-so-important time to think Big Picture. Enjoy the reads! 


Social Media Examiner: 3 Types of Social Video that Works for Any Business

It’s not earth-shattering news to tell you about the effectiveness of video content. Whatisof interest is how it continues to increase in importance and popularity amongst marketers (based on a 2019 study). We’re always big fans of articles that give concrete creative examples, and this focuses specifically on videos for Twitter, LinkedIn and IGTV. 

Social Media Today: 7 Video Trends That Will Dominate in 2019 and Beyond

The title of this article pretty much says it all. In addition to mentioning 1:1 video and live Q&As, some new research is also outlined as well. Namely, 78% of people watch online videos every week and 55% watch online videos daily.


Search Engine Journal: Google is Adding Favicons to All Search Results

Google announced it is once again updating its search design – this time, to include favicons (website/URL icons) and emphasizing the source of information. Why does this matter? Transparency and more visual aspects to search results will no doubt have an impact on user behavior and traffic.


The Drum: Experiential Marketing: 9 Examples of Brilliant Brand Experiences

As marketers, it can be easy to get a bit stuck in the day-to-day activities of developing campaigns and creative content. Brand activations tend to be a great source of inspiration and creativity for us – and the experiences highlighted in this article are perfect for reenergizing our creative spirits going into summer.


Social Media Today: LinkedIn Follows Facebook’s Lead with New Ad Transparency Tab on Pages

As we exit May Election Season, transparency continues to be a hot topic for social platforms and digital marketing channels. And believe it or not, LinkedIn is seeing its share of political manipulation. The new “Ad Transparency Tab” won’t mean more work for marketers, but it will allow individuals and your competition to view the previous six months of your sponsored content.

Project Highlight

Craig Hospital | Integrated SEO & SEM Campaign

Craig Hospital (Craig), a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital that exclusively specializes in the neuro-rehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord injury and brain injury, wanted to improve its search engine visibility to elevate brand awareness and affinity, increase website traffic and drive patient acquisitions and referrals.

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