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It’s already mid-June and the GroundFloor Media and CenterTable teams are staying busy with client work, walks in the sunshine and bubbly kombucha breaks from our office tap. Today we’re diving into new shows on Facebook Watch, updated features from Instagram Stories, a feel-good story about an “infuencer dad” and some low-hanging fruit for your team’s SEO efforts. Let’s get to it!


Axios: Facebook rolls out new shows and strategy for “Watch”
A new variety of shows is now available on Facebook’s video tab for “Watch.” In addition to the release, Facebook is offering updates for both strategy and monetization. The Watch feature will expand the video platform and enable Facebook to sell more ads that feel like television commercials.


Elite Daily: Here’s How to Add Lyrics to Instagram Stories for a Total Sing-Along Moment

Instagram Stories continue to add new features, bells and whistles. A new favorite is the lyric feature on the Music filter. Now, when you add a song overlay to your Instagram story, many of the available songs offer a ticker feature of the lyrics appearing as they’re sung. Fancy.

Mashable: Construction worker dad parodies influencers with his hilarious Instagram account

We love a good laugh and people that don’t take themselves too seriously. Omar, a construction worker in Austin, Texas, rolled his eyes when his daughter explained to him the kind of social content that influencers post. He wanted to prove how easy it would be to become one himself and began posting curated shots of his neatly folded work uniform and latte art. Did it work? He’s gained 380,000 followers in a single week, so we’ll say it sure did. Follow his antics here.


AZ Big Media: 8 major SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019

Many organizations don’t have the benefit of a dedicated SEO professional on their teams. In a recent study, however, websites that rank in the first position of a search engine results page received a click-through rate of more than 30%. Learn how to avoid some common SEO slip-ups.

Yoast: SEO copywriting checklist – 8 things to check before publishing your post

At CenterTable, we have an incredible team of SEO-savvy experts. We’re constantly leveraging them to review our own digital content to ensure we’re reaching the right audiences. The advice in this list is a great place to start to optimize your company’s blog content. Get to optimizing!

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Noble Energy | Noble Neighbor Digital Campaign
Noble Energy is a leading oil and natural gas producer in Colorado, but also leads through its consistent community work, commitment to research and use of technology to ensure clean and safe operations.

The company needed a creative yet effective way to deliver those stories to interested Coloradans and to do it in a measurable way to track tangible impact.

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