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Team members from GroundFloor Media and CenterTable recently spent an hour together over lunch to participate in a mindfulness workshop. As communications and digital professionals, our fast-paced work days aren’t exactly designed for being present and staying zen. In our newly renovated space, we even have a room dedicated entirely to shoe-less meditation — but it often sits empty as we rush past it to get to the printer. As part of an effort to be more focused and show up for one another as 2019 stretches to an end, we practiced tree and heart breathing and getting still. Now we’re finding opportunities to squeeze that same sense of peace into our workload. For this edition of Weekly Reads, we’re focusing on how you can save time by working smarter and not harder — maximizing your content creation. We’re also delving into social media addiction and taking a minimalistic approach to improve your feeds and timelines. Namaste, okay? Enjoy the three-day weekend.

Clare Frey, Director of Digital Strategy


Social Media Today: Facebook Stories – An Introduction for Content Creators [Infographic]
Navigating new social platforms and channels to share content can be an uphill battle and I know more than a few marketers who groaned when Facebook released their Stories feature in 2017. Like any new place for assets to live, Facebook Stories can be intimidating until you get the hang of it. Even if you’re already a pro, Social Media Today offers up some tips to consider – particularly how to boost your usage. Check out their helpful infographic and share it with your creative team.


Search Engine Journal: 4 Secrets of Instagram Marketing That New E-commerce Stores Often Miss
Instagram is a giant, boasting more than one billion monthly active users and more than 500 million daily active users, according to Search Engine Journal. About 80% of people follow a business account so it only makes sense that sales teams are developing methods to leverage Insta for a major return on their investment – whether through cheeky, engaging content or optimized ads and sponsored posts. If you have something to sell, Instagram is definitely the place to see and be seen.

Daily Dot: Anyone Can Make an Instagram Story Filter Now – Here’s How
CenterTable team members have a longstanding tradition of playing with the never-ending variety of face filters on both Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook recently opened its augmented reality tool (Spark AR) to the public and now anyone can build and publish their own filter. The best part? You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do it. 

Social Media

The Guardian: The Machine Always Wins: What Drives Our Addiction to Social Media
Is your hand glued to your iPhone? Do you fall asleep and wake up to the cold blue light of your Twitter timeline? Likening social media to strategically designed casinos, this article examines our addictive nature and how opening and closing the Facebook app is not unlike rolling the dice on a table in Vegas. An excerpt: “The Twittering Machine, as a wholly designed operant conditioning chamber, needs none of the expedients of the casino or opium den. The user has already dropped out of work, a boring lunch or an anxious social situation to enter into a different, timeless zone.” 

Mashable: 11 social media hacks that will improve your timelines infinitely
Muting, soft blocks and hiding – oh my! Between managing the amount of time you spend on each platform and customizing each app to show you only the people and information you want to see, Mashable has some insightful recommendations to make your social media experience a far more pleasant one.

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Project Highlight:

Tennyson Center for Children | Building a Better Annual Report

Tennyson Center For Children (TCC) presented the CenterTable  digital team with the task of reinventing the  design  of its annual report. Previous reports had shared the necessary information, but TCC wanted to evolve the report to be more visually engaging. 

Following a successful ad campaign for Child Abuse Prevention Month, TCC asked CenterTable to develop similar creative for its annual report. Pictures, content and an overall theme (“telling our story”) were provided to work with during the creative process.

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