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Slowly but surely, social media ads have moved away from static, simple “digital billboards” to complex experiences that allow audiences to engage in fun and interesting ways with the ads. A new ad unit from one of the world’s biggest digital advertisers is a small step that will open up the possibility of interactive ads to a huge number of businesses and agencies.

Following the success that they saw with Instagram Stories ads that rolled out earlier this year, Facebook has now brought video poll ads to the Facebook mobile Feed. In early findings from the test period, Facebook found that poll ads in the Feed drove increased brand awareness and conversions. In 5 out of 9 brand lift studies, Facebook observed poll ads increased brand awareness compared to video ads.

At this time, poll question ads are only available in Facebook Mobile News Feed and Instagram Stories when using the single video ad type.

In ads reporting, advertisers will be able to see the total number of poll respondents, the total number of votes for each response, and the % split-out between the two possible responses. Advertisers will not be able to retarget people who interact with the poll. Unlike with stickers in organic stories, advertisers will not have access to the list of users who interacted with their poll.

There are some interesting things that can be done with the feature. For example, in the screenshot below, the advertiser asked, “what’s your next adventure?” Once the customer voted for Iceland, a URL preview popped up below the ad with info about flights to Iceland.

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