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As LinkedIn has continued to improve and expand their advertising tools it has become a great solution for targeting key decision-makers, and reaching the right people at the right companies in order to drive the right action. With some new capabilities announcements, LinkedIn is giving advertisers some new tools to help target their campaigns on just the right audiences.

First up, LinkedIn has improved the forecasting panel in Campaign Manager, enabling advertisers to see the composition of their target audience directly via the panel.

It can now be customized to bring up specific professional characteristics, such as top industries, years of experience or company sizes.

They also added targeting using Boolean logic, or using “and/or” in queries, at the top of the list, so that marketers can combine profile qualifiers including job function, seniority and titles in a single campaign. This is a huge change for advertisers who were often forced to choose between different targeting audiences that wouldn’t always provide the best results when not combined.

Finally, LinkedIn is adding the ability to track measurement insights at the audience level, including leads, Sponsored InMail openings and video ad views.

This data, should allow marketers to demonstrate what kinds of professionals are becoming quality leads for your business or spending time with your content.

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