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We’re solidly (and somewhat shockingly) into Q4 of 2019, which means we’ve all got plans to accomplish by the end of the year while also looking forward to 2020. We found a number of articles this week that may help you with both of those efforts. Increasing the return on strategies you’re already implementing is nearly always more efficient than starting something new – from maximizing your use of Instagram and LinkedIn to use cases for Facebook/Instagram Stories – this week’s reads are all about working smarter, not harder. 

Jim Licko, Managing Partner & Co‑founder


Social Media Today: Instagram Provides Key Tips to Help Marketers Maximize Their On-Platform Efforts

The reach and influence of Instagram is not lost on any marketer at this point, but the difference between a “good ‘gram” and just an “okay ‘gram” can be pretty subtle. Thankfully, Instagram has created several recent how-to’s to help your content stand out in the crowd. 


Business 2 Community: 8 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads Today

A few weeks back LinkedIn announced it would be adding enhanced features to its ad platform, including improved audience targeting options, which is great news for B2B marketers. This article moves between LinkedIn 101 and 201 tips for successful lead gen campaigns on the business-focused platform. 

Digital Strategy

The Drum: Why Marketers Should Trust Their Hearts, and Not Just Data

It’s the age-old argument of data vs. creative. At CenterTable we often talk about the right mix of data-driven strategy and creativity – contrary to what many will tell you, it doesn’t have to be one and not the other. This article does a great job of breaking down that mix for your next creative campaign. 

Case Studies

AdWeek: 5 Brands Crushing Creativity on Stories

Disclaimer: This is branded content from Facebook, but with the popularity and reach of Stories on the Instagram, Facebook and What’s App platforms, it’s helpful to take a deeper dive into how brands are using the medium successfully, and what we might be able to learn and emulate from their successes.

Project Highlight

SCL Health | Creating Standout Content in Healthcare

CenterTable had helped develop ongoing social media and content strategies for Lutheran and Good Samaritan Medical Centers, and had both hospitals running well-organized approaches to their digital platforms. The next challenge was to develop a “content campaign” that would help engage their existing audiences, particularly each hospital’s associates/employees.

Finding stories that resonate with your audience, then taking them on a storytelling journey is where we’re headed.

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