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If you don’t know what Amino, Twitch and TikTok are, you’re clearly not a VSCO girl. You may even be old enough to need extra health screenings which, fortunately for you, Facebook will now remind you about. Perhaps you remember the good ol’ days when LinkedIn had an events feature. We’re not trying to make you feel old, we’re helping you get wiser with this week’s roundup of social media highlights.

Adrienne Schafer, Director of Digital Strategy

Predictions and Analytics

Activate Consulting: Activate Technology & Media Outlook 2020

Activate Consulting released its technology and media outlook for 2020 and while the clock on 2019 is quickly running out, the TikTok of social media apps isn’t slowing down. Highlights from the report include the fact that multitasking now leads to a 31-hour day for the average American adult and, of course, the rapid rise of TikTok. Dig through their report for more on re-commerce and platforms like Twitch and Amino where Gen Z’ers are hanging out.

Marketing Land: Facebook is Changing How it Measures Organic Page Impressions

Why should you care that Facebook is tweaking how it measures organic Page impressions? Depending on how you measure social media success on Facebook, you could see a decrease in organic impressions or an increase in engagement rate. The good news is the drop in impressions isn’t your fault. The bad news is the increase in organic engagement rate may not be solely due to your spectacular content. Because it’s just a change in the way the numbers are reported, there aren’t any tactical shifts to make, but it’s worth noting as you dig into Q3 or end-of-year (gasp!) reporting.

New-ish Features

LinkedIn: Planning an in Person Professional Gathering Just Got Easier With LinkedIn Events

File this one under: didn’t that already exist? You’d be right to question the previous existence of LinkedIn events. It did exist and then it went away in 2012 and now it’s back again! What remains to be seen is how much prominence and promotion these events will receive. If LinkedIn gets it right, it could be a valuable place for posting professional events that don’t feel like they belong on Facebook.

CNN: Facebook Launches New Tool to Help You Get Health Tests and Screenings

You may be familiar with the concept of consulting “Dr. Google” to check health symptoms but now Facebook wants in on the healthcare action. Facebook is launching a new tool to remind you to get your check-ups and perhaps a flu shot. For now, they say they won’t be sharing any of the information with advertisers and they direct people to federally-qualified health centers for preventive health screenings. We’ll keep an eye on this space to see if it evolves to include more healthcare location mapping in the future.

Project Highlight

Tennyson Center for Children | Maximizing Year-end Giving Through Social Media Advertising for a Local Nonprofit

Tennyson Center for Children  (TCC) was approaching the holiday/year-end giving season, a critical fundraising and extremely competitive time for non-profits. TCC and  GroundFloor Media had partnered on a  Facebook campaign  in 2014 that led to increased engagement and donations. TCC sought to build upon that with CenterTable in 2015.

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