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As the calendar year winds down, you might find yourself in a “use it or lose it” marketing budget situation. If that’s the case, the logical question is, “What can I do to show immediate return on investment between now and the end of the year?”

But the smarter question is, “What can I do to show immediate return on investment while also carrying that momentum and return into 2020?”

Investing in a video asset can easily allow you to do both, maximizing those year-end marketing dollars while also jump starting your Q1 2020 marketing efforts. Here are five video concepts to consider as the year winds down:

How-To Videos

Every day Google is flooded with “How-To” searches – and if you have a product, service, technology or even a thought leadership stance on an issue, you can take advantage. Tell your problem/solution story in a way that shows your expertise and builds trust and credibility with your audiences.

Topical Thought Leadership

Does a member of your team have a unique perspective on, extensive experience with or insider information that sets your company apart from the competition? Share those valuable insights (with a conversion-related call to action) via video for a lead generation boost moving into the new year.

Project Recaps

The old adage of “If you’re not talking about it, who is?” continues to hold true. Did your company complete a complex project, meet a significant organizational goal or roll out a new product or service in 2019? Consider a recap video to tell your customers, constituents, donors or stakeholders what you’ve been up to, and celebrate those organizational successes.

Thank You/Holiday Giving

As marketers, we’re often moving so fast that we forget to close the loop and simply say “thank you” in a meaningful way to our customers/clients/audiences. There are multiple ways to do so in a creative, memorable way – and for non-profit organizations, the opportunity to make one more year-end-giving appeal.


This concept might be more of a 2020 planning consideration, but do you have a live event or panel discussion on the horizon that could use more exposure and a longer shelf life? Watch the video below to see how the CenterTable Creative Services Team can manage a livestream that will give you some great content to leverage heading into 2020.

Have a project you’d like to get going before the end of the year? Reach out and let’s talk about bringing it to life!

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