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COVID-19 has consumed our news feeds, social platforms and work/home lives in a matter of days. We are all facing unprecedented challenges with this pandemic. Late last week, many GroundFloor Media and CenterTable team members met via a video conference call to talk through the impacts of coronavirus and our hearts skipped a beat when we touched on how this will most certainly impact the smaller nonprofits in Colorado.

According to the Colorado Nonprofit Association, we have more than 20,000 charitable nonprofits in our state representing 6% of our state’s economy. Nonprofits are now having to fulfill their missions with fewer resources and volunteers, as well as canceled (or postponed) annual fundraisers. 

What Can We Do?

Now, more than ever, our time, talent and financial donations are needed. Each of us can make a difference.

This past Friday, our team jumped in and quickly developed a resource page to highlight ways to support Colorado nonprofits during COVID-19.

But we need your help. Please send information on any smaller Colorado-based nonprofits to Laura Love. Together, we will update this page daily and promote these volunteer and donation needs to our clients, partners and colleagues.

Silver Linings

We’re seeing the power of Coloradans reaching out to their personal networks, nonprofits/business connections and neighbors on #DoingMyPartCO. Let’s maximize the reach of these inspirational messages, ideas and actions to help continue to raise awareness. From a Virtual Tip Jar to checking in on your neighbor to dropping off groceries, we want to hear your stories. Email Amy Moynihan and we’ll add you to our webpage and/or social storytelling outreach.

We are in this together. Hang tight and stay safe.

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