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The urban tree canopies that fill Denver’s parks are an iconic part of the city and an appeal for many visitors. In 2013, an unseen pest called the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) threatened millions of Denver’s trees with far-reaching impacts. EAB originated in Boulder and was on track to reach Denver shortly after. Denver’s Parks and Recreation department recognized this threat and realized the need for a public education campaign to spread awareness throughout the community. With the goal of educating Denverites about how to take action with their trees, Denver Parks and Rec enlisted GroundFloor Media and CenterTable to create a multi-platform, integrated campaign.

The GFM/CenterTable team worked together with foresters and other city officials to create the “Be A Smart Ash” Campaign. This campaign was designed to help residents find out if they have an ash tree on their properties, and the various options to treat them if they do. Our digital team developed a campaign website and eye-catching designs that were just as easy to recognize on social platforms as they were on branded items across town. Watch our video case study below to see the various ways that GroundFloor Media, CenterTable, and Denver Parks and Recreation are helping prepare the city for the forthcoming EAB invasion.

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