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As we all do our part to adjust to the new normal of social distancing, we believe we’re facing a secondary threat: losing a personal connection with the world around us.

It’s vitally important as communicators to do all we can to help our communities stay connected during this uncertain time. Video and visual communication is uniquely positioned as a medium to address this new challenge through the usage of visual, personal communications and storytelling. 

Hubspot has found 80% of users continue to recall video content after 30 days, compared to just 3% of users who recall text. In a world increasingly distracted by 24-hour news cycles and a host of complicated emotions, we believe video is an effective tool to help important, uplifting messages rise above the noise.

Below are four ways that we are seeing our clients utilize video production in these more remote times.

Livestream & Remote Content

Clients utilizing this tactic: Colorado Department of Human Services, Noble Energy, Tennyson Center for Children, The Petroleum Association of Wyoming

If you have access to Skype, Zoom or even a phone, you can collaborate with production and communication teams to workshop your messaging, story, content capture and distribution plans. Then, post-production teams can help you create a broadcast-quality live event or polished video with micro content that suits your needs.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Clients utilizing this tactic: Denver Parks and Recreation, SCL Health, Saint Joseph Hospital

Animation, design and writing teams are skilled at taking complicated messages and representing them visually. These simple pieces of content are easily digestible and helpful action drivers when put in the hands of a digital marketing team.

Audio Content

Clients utilizing this tactic: Saint Joseph Hospital, Colorado Department of Human Services, Tennyson Center for Children

Audio content, which is easy to repurpose from existing content or capture with a phone, is capable of standing on its own, whether it’s paired with existing and stock visuals or converted into podcast content.

Repurposing Existing Content

Like Wyoming and her people, the natural gas and oil industry is tough. Despite a generational moment, we are prepared to show once again the grit and determination that have long been hallmarks of this special place and her most vital industry. We'll get through this – together.

Posted by Petroleum Association of Wyoming on Monday, April 6, 2020

Clients utilizing this tactic: Commercial Tribe, The Petroleum Association of Wyoming, Lutheran Medical Center

There are tons of video servers out there that house terabytes of footage and stories that brands have collected in the past — and much of it is going underutilized. You can boost your internal and external communications by repurposing that content to tell a new story.

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