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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit on a Small Business “Virtual Voices” panel hosted by the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation. As we all know right now, what happens next, anticipated outcomes and the news in general seem to be constantly changing and the goal posts continue to move.

What hasn’t changed in two weeks are some of the “leadership in action” concepts we discussed. From putting your team first and being transparent with them, to innovating and focusing on what you know rather than the unknown, there are some very wise concepts to think about from my fellow panelists, and concepts that will move us forward despite the somewhat unknown future that lies ahead.

Virtual Voices: Small Business Leadership Panel

  • Jessica Acosta, founder and CEO, Environmental Consulting Services
  • Iván Anaya, president, Astucia Development
  • Jim Licko, managing partner & co-founder, GroundFloor Media/CenterTable
  • Andrew Schmidt, partner, Core Contractors, Roofing Systems

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