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As we adapt to life during a pandemic, our office procedures are transforming. Our own plans for reopening have been delayed and revised multiple times because of changes to local, statewide, national and global guidelines. One important step we’ve taken to keep our team members safe is the creation of reopening signage to display around the office. We designed a whole suite of custom signs that seamlessly integrate into our space and are easy to remove.

If you were to walk through our office, you’d be greeted by dozens of signs reminding you to disinfect your desk, wash your hands, stay six feet apart and wear a mask. We have floor signs in some tighter areas of the office to encourage a single direction of traffic flow to prevent people from getting too close to each other. We also have signs indicating what areas are off limits and how many people are limited to each room.

Our new office signage is an important part of our efforts to safely reopen and help our team members acclimate to workplace changes related to COVID-19. If you’re interested in integrating custom signage into your office reopening plan, send us an email or give us a call at 303-865-8110 to learn more.

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