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GFM Friends and Family, 

We are excited to announce our new podcast series, Good & Grounded. As an extension of GroundFloor Media and CenterTable’s Doing My Part Colorado effort, we are interviewing dynamic, passionate and grounded local Colorado leaders who are impacting our community during this time of uncertainty.

Each episode is focused on one critical issue that deserves our attention in our ever-changing world. These interviews are short, sweet, conversational and very human. 

Although it is hard to see at times, we believe that so much good may come from our collective ‘new normal.’ Will we think differently? Connect more openly? Give more freely? To that end, we will try to address the most pressing needs by asking our guests, “What one good thing can we do right now?” And we’ll end each episode with “one cool thing” that we’ve seen in our beautiful, resilient community.  How you can help:

We have spent the last two months talking to some incredible leaders for our first few episodes including: 

We hope you’ll give us a listen and/or subscribe to get alerts when new episodes come online – and more importantly, we hope you’ll learn about the Good you can do to get Grounded and help our community members who are in need right now.

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