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There are many communication nuances during a crisis, one of the most important being how can you create a factual, authentic and empathic response while not jeopardizing a current or future legal case and increase potential liability.

GroundFloor Media’s team of crisis communication and reputation management experts understand this distinction, especially during fast-paced crisis scenarios. We are comfortable working under the guidance or directly with legal counsel to come up with strategic communication plans during a crisis that balance the need to protect a client’s reputation and ongoing business operations and to protect them from long-term legal harm.

We have experience working with legal counsel on behalf of clients for a variety of crisis issues that include negative media exposure, such as catastrophic loss, public-facing litigation, diversity issues, government investigations, ballot initiatives and advocacy campaigns.

We understand that managing a crisis and company’s reputation is much easier and more effective when the communication team and legal counsel are on the same page. We get the distinction between the courtroom and the courtroom of public opinion, acknowledging that both are important during a crisis, and ongoing reputation and business operations.

Bill Ojile, partner, Armstrong Teasdale, Denver office, worked with our team on a variety of crises over the years and he put together this guest blog post on the important relationship between lawyers and PR practitioners:

On the flip side, I put together this related blog post on how to get along with lawyers during a crisis:

Both Ojile and I contributed to an award-winning article on the topic featured in ACC Docket:

Find out more how we integrate crisis communication with legal counsel strategy.

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