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Tech behemoths Facebook and Apple are clashing over an update that Apple is slated to make to its latest operating system this spring. What is the cause of the contention? Privacy.  

Apple is arguing that the privacy update to its iOS14 operating system (which will prompt users to give apps permission to track their data) is for the benefit of the user and that users have the right to decide what data is being tracked and where.  

Facebook argues that this change could severely impact the effectiveness of their ads, which could harm small business sales and ultimately impact Facebook’s ad revenue. This feud ultimately boils down to how the two giants make money. Facebook’s ads are dependent on user data to target the ads they sell. Apple presents privacy as a feature of the devices that it sells. 

How does this affect the end user? 

In the short term, very little. You will have more transparency and control over how and where your data is tracked. Facebook’s apps will still be on Apple devices and you will still get ads, they will just have less data to target you.  

What does this mean for marketers and advertisers? 

As a marketer, this will limit the data that you have to inform your ad targeting. It will also reduce visibility into metrics that show you how your ads are converting, such as sales or app downloads. This will also reduce the size of any remarketing audiences built from website traffic. The new data limitations will impact ad performance, however the degree of the impact remains to be seen. 

If you use or are planning to use Facebook advertising, it is important to take some steps to prepare your website and campaign ahead of time. First, must make sure that you have verified your domain within your Business Manager. Second, select the eight conversions (this new limit is an addition because of the changes) that the Facebook Pixel can send and decided upon an appropriate priority, as only one can been sent per session. 

Sound complicated? We’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us HERE with any questions. If you want to read more about this upcoming change, we have included links to articles that we have found useful and informative below. 

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