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In our second of three SXSW recaps Jon and Jim covered a variety of topics ranging from successful workplace environments during a pandemic to content moderation, and of course… TikTok. You can listen to our recap via the audio file below, and we’ve included links to some additional resources for the topics and people we discussed. One of our favorite quotes from this round of sessions was, “On social media, people want to be heard, but not overheard.”

  • Jim discussed Katharine Manning’s take on the Empathetic Workplace (link to her book included) and how we can all be better leaders and colleagues by adding empathy during strange, uncertain and difficult times.
  • Jim also mentioned a content moderation session that included a representative from a relatively new entity called The Oversight Board, which is an independent entity that looks into and reviews situations when content or people have been removed from social media platforms.
  • Jon consumed a lot of TikTok content and brought up several brands’ approaches to the new-ish platform including The NFL, McDonald’s, HBO Max, and of course the famous Ocean Spray/Fleetwood Mac clip and how Ocean Spray capitalized on the viral video.
  • Jon also covered how Reddit has become the go-to place for getting questions answered and finding other individuals interested in a common topic.
  • Finally, Jon talked about Media Monks’ session on the evolution of social platforms and what people have come to expect – including the Four F’s: Fame, Functionality, Fun and Feeds.

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