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In the Good & Grounded Podcast, we spotlight the forward-thinking actions of Colorado leaders, nonprofits and businesses—and what you and your family can do to help make a difference in our communities.  

In this episode, GroundFloor Media Founder Laura Love and Managing Partner Jim Licko talk with Heidi Baskfield, Children’s Hospital Colorado Vice President of Population Health and Advocacy, about the mental health crisis that’s impacting Colorado kids. Listen as she explains:

  • Why skyrocketing rates of anxiety, depression and suicide recently led Children’s Colorado to declare a state of emergency for youth mental health
  • How Colorado faced a youth mental health crisis and dwindling mental health resources before COVID-19, and the pandemic exacerbated it
  • What Children’s Colorado and state leaders like Gov. Jared Polis are doing to increase services to help kids—and why these actions are just the start of what will be required to resolve this crisis
  • How to determine whether a young person you know is suicidal and what you can do to help

Listen to the conversation.

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