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When it comes to productivity, talent retention, and employee wellbeing, culture matters — especially now, following the pandemic and the “great resignation.” That’s why we’re launching a new series of blogs, essays, op-eds and events called Culture Matters to explore different aspects of work culture.

In our first article, Founder Laura Love writes in The Colorado Sun about the powerful role that emotional intelligence plays in business leadership. Laura quotes local leaders featured in Outside magazine’s Top Companies to Work for in America list to argue that Colorado is better positioned than most states to weather the talent shakeup. Why? Because we lead the country in offering innovative benefits, work-life balance and a unique brand of emotionally intelligent leadership.

Read Laura’s op-ed in the Colorado Sun for tips on leading with emotional intelligence. You’ll hear from Paul Dreyer, CEO of Avid4Adventure; Rob BrockmannDirector of Growth Account Management at Choozle; GG Johnston of Downstream Partners; and Cindy Judge, President & CEO of SRG.  

Opinion: How emotionally intelligent bosses make Colorado a better place to work

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