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The Smart Ash Rough Animation

The Making of the Smart Ash Animation

Since 2015, we’ve worked with Denver Parks & Rec on the Be A Smart Ash campaign. This year, we stepped it up with an animated campaign to stop EAB in Denver. Here is the creative process behind the animation series.

The Smart Ash Animation

Animation Brings Tricky Topic to Life

GFM and CenterTable are proud to be working on the Be A Smart Ash campaign since 2015. The latest aspect of the campaign is a new animated series called The Smart Ash. Find out how your new favorite superhero was brought to life.

Florida Project | Best Movie Poster Designs of 2017 | CenterTable Digital Agency

Best Movie Poster Designs of 2017

During awards season, we discuss our favorite movies, but rarely bring up the best movie posters. These are my picks for best movie poster designs in 2017.