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Holiday Season: Time to Read a Book or Two

We’ve got quite a few book worms at GroundFloor Media (GFM) and CenterTable. Then there are the rest of us who (thanks to #content) read a ton of blog posts, tweets and articles throughout the year but don’t get around to reading nearly as many books as we’d like. One of the many great parts about the holidays is having a few days to dig in, potentially ditch the phone (gasp!), and read a good old-fashioned book or two.

2015 GFM Favorite Pinterest Accounts

Most GFMers agreed that Pinterest is more heavily used for discovering specific content rather than keeping tabs on specific accounts or people, but there are a few accounts that are “must follow” according to the GFM team

2015 Facebook Favorites

We polled our GFM team, asking for their favorite social media accounts to share with our readers over the holidays, and we’ll be sharing them platform-by-platform over the coming days. Here are some of our favorite Facebook accounts

When PR Takes Patience…

With fewer outlets out there and smaller staffs at those outlets, demand for “ink” simply outstrips the “ink” supply. However, this has also always just been part of PR – as with so many other aspects of business, PR is about relationships.