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Is Organic Facebook Reach Dead?

With today’s Facebook algorithm we need to be more strategic. We need to have an audience in mind with each piece of content we write or produce – and we need to target those audiences accordingly.

Why Facebook’s Inflated Video Metrics Don’t Matter (That Much)

This is big news in our industry, and I’m definitely in favor of creating some form of third-party verification for social media platforms and their native analytics. But I do challenge the impact of this news a bit, and believe its something that highlights a larger issue within our industry: A greater focus on meaningful metrics.

The State of Digital Marketing – 2015

Marketing departments and creative agencies are at a crossroads. Marketing departments are struggling with where to prioritize budgets (and who to hire to do the work!) – and if any of you attended the Evolve or Die SXSW session this past March, it’s clear that traditional agencies have just as many questions about navigating the digital arena. What does Digital Marketing really mean in 2015?

Marketing Metrics 101: Five Simple Steps

The advent of digital marketing and social media is great because it allows us to measure an infinite amount of metrics. The downside is determining which metrics are most important, and not wasting time on all of the other statistics. Here are five simple questions to ask when identifying the metrics that will matter most.