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The Art of Saying “No”

We seem to be programmed to not be able to say “no.” But sometimes just saying “no” can help prioritize tasks and simplify our roles.

Tell Me a Story

Think back to the last time you were mesmerized by a compelling story. What made it so?

Get Off Your Duff

I decided to do a little digging into the concept of walking meetings and found a fantastic TEDx Talk with Nilofer Merchant, a business innovator.

Hello Pot, Meet Kettle

There is a new phrase in corporate communication that aims to get us back to the basics of communicating offline. And that phrase is…wait for it …human-to-human communication.

PR Tips you may THANK me for

As we kick off Thanksgiving week at GroundFloor Media I thought I’d have a little fun with the images THANKSGIVING theme in todays blog post. Here’s a quick rundown of some of helpful media relations rules I like to live by.