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Creativity: Put in the Time

As social media professionals and strategists, we’re constantly looking for new and fresh content. And frequently – as was the case with our Hand Hygiene campaign – we have half-baked ideas that cross our desks. The easy reaction is to pass them off as simply that – half-baked – and either discard the idea or produce something quick and simple. But that’s not how great content is made.

Content is All Around You (Even if You Think It’s Boring)

Anyone who works in a warehouse, production facility or “in-the-field” probably doesn’t see a whole lot of intrigue from said workspace. But time and time again, we’ve seen audiences be completely captivated and engaged with behind-the-scenes content of how things are made, how machinery works, or what people do in their daily work routine.

CenterTable @ SXSW 2017: Friday Sessions

The buzz and anxiety of the first sessions at South by are palpable. And its easy to see some of the broader themes of SXSW 2017 rise to the surface: leadership in times of adversity, using the technologies we have at our fingertips to solve everyday problems and the rise of chatbots were some of the front runners. Here are our highlights from Friday at South by Southwest

Meet Our Sister Agency – CenterTable

We’re excited to share the news that GFM launched our sister agency – CenterTable. Our clients consistently express the need to engage with their audiences in authentic and meaningful ways. With our sister agencies, we will continue to do so through an integrated and impactful approach.