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Why Facebook’s Inflated Video Metrics Don’t Matter (That Much)

This is big news in our industry, and I’m definitely in favor of creating some form of third-party verification for social media platforms and their native analytics. But I do challenge the impact of this news a bit, and believe its something that highlights a larger issue within our industry: A greater focus on meaningful metrics.

Social Media and The President of the United States

Most of us don’t have the luxury of Presidential-level content, but a lot can be learned from how a “buttoned up” office has approached, and succeeded in using social media channels to engage with its audiences.

SXSW Denver Download Recap

GroundFloor Media compiles a group of panelists each year following SXSW to discuss the overarching concepts, themes and new technologies from the festival.

Monday Favorites: GFM @ SXSW

There always seems to be one day at South by each year that combines free things with great sessions and great music. Monday was that day. From Franklin’s BBQ to GFM’s “Coding Culture” session to seeing Gary Clark Jr. headline the GSD&M party…we had a lot to choose from for our Monday favorites: