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Snapchat and the Rise of Mobile Advertising

Large media players are now involved with Snapchat, especially with the newest feature, Discover. Discover operates as an a la carte media system in which users can select from a series of outlets that range from established channels to up-and-comers that have flourished in the digital age. Users then consume as much or as little as they want, along with non-intrusive advertising. The format lends itself to higher quality productions; Snapchat’s blog describes it as “built for creatives.” The end result is an experience that is mobile, specific to a user’s interests, free of obtrusions like preroll video ads.

Thoughts from CenterTable’s 6th SXSWi Denver Download

The Denver Download is a chance for our clients and partners who attended the SXSWi conference in March to share the knowledge they gained with other clients, partners and colleagues back here in Denver. This year’s panel consisted of Comcast’s Cindy Parsons, Sukle’s Dan Schultz, Children Hospital Colorado’s Elizabeth Whitehead and CenterTable’s Jim Licko. Here’s what we learned.

CenterTable @ SXSW 2017: Monday Sessions

The fourth day of South by: When sleep deprivation and too many creative thoughts in your head from the previous three days starts to cloud everything. But the sun came out today and we had an impressive lineup of speakers. Here are our top takeaways from Monday at SXSW 2017

CenterTable @ SXSW 2017: Friday Sessions

The buzz and anxiety of the first sessions at South by are palpable. And its easy to see some of the broader themes of SXSW 2017 rise to the surface: leadership in times of adversity, using the technologies we have at our fingertips to solve everyday problems and the rise of chatbots were some of the front runners. Here are our highlights from Friday at South by Southwest

CenterTable @ SXSW: 2017 Preview

We’re looking forward to reporting back here on the blog each afternoon on our favorite sessions, and again each morning with the “intangibles” – our favorite things we saw, ate, drank, heard and experienced. We’re also going to be working on a few special video reports throughout the conference – so keep your ear to the ground.