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GFM @ SXSWi: 2016 Preview

Beginning this Friday you can follow Jon Woods’ and Carissa McCabe’s recaps of all things SXSWi here on the GFM blog!

No Advertising Budget? No Problem.

Silverton serves a fairly niche audience of hardcore skiers and backcountry enthusiasts, so they have to be that much more strategic to reach their customers in a meaningful way.

Social Media: Marketing vs. Community Building

Even social platforms themselves are walking the fine line between marketing and community. As Instagram is set to roll out its new ad platform in October marketers love the “two cents per view” ROI that some users are claiming, but the biggest and most impactful question for Instagram is how might the ads affect the perceived quality of the platform?

Making Compelling Brand Videos

The biggest mistake often seen when it comes to video strategies is not keeping the audience top of mind throughout the process. There are so many styles, looks and feels with video that its easy to get distracted and lose sight of the actual purpose of the video. Keep these questions top-of-mind at all times…