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The Art of Taking a Step Back

Add aggressive deadlines and high expectations to the list, and we’re frequently working in a world that pushes forward so fast that it’s easy to forget to step back and think strategically once a plan is in place. Ultimately, the best-laid plans don’t mean much if expectations aren’t set, processes aren’t communicated, and those plans don’t evolve based on trends and ongoing data.

Social Media Policies, Even for the C-Suite

It’s an easy point to make when it comes to staff members and their use of social media, but there are plenty of examples where executives have made similar mistakes. The point is this: don’t forget to include your executive team.

Unplugging on Vacation? Plan for the Worst, then Enjoy Yourself

Only 26% of respondents would give up access to their smart phones or tablets during vacation and only 19% said they could manage an entire week without their smart phones. Whatever “unplugged” looks like to you, if you play a role in your organization’s social media efforts don’t forget to plan accordingly – especially should something go wrong.

The Speed of Crisis: 9.5 seconds

How long does it take for a crisis to happen for your company? Nine-and-a-half seconds, the same amount of time it takes to upload a YouTube video.