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The New Era of Creative Storytelling (Part 2 of 2)

In the Modern Age bigger isn’t better, but effectiveness is. And we have the means to measure effectiveness down to the penny. We need to stop trying to “go viral” or somehow duplicate the Super Bowl Oreo tweet and spend that time creating content aimed at cultivating specific, high-quality audiences instead.

The New Era of Creative Storytelling (Part 1 of 2)

It’s helpful to look back at history and understand how and why things happened before talking about how we can improve our digital storytelling. This is a social media history tour through the eyes of a guy who has been involved in the industry since the pre-MySpace Days.

Social Media Managers: It’s OK to Feel Uncomfortable

I’ll admit it – Snapchat makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never been one for making goofy faces into the camera, and I just can’t see the appeal in turning your head into a taco or swapping faces with a friend (well – maybe I get the humor in that one). But reading a recent Wall Street Journal article about how brands are using Snapchat to reach millennials, I had an “aha moment.”