Online War Room®

What happens when a negative story about your organization suddenly goes viral across social networks? It’s a very real concern, regardless of the business you’re in. Unexpected sources can say, report and opine at will, and whatever they say or write may lurk online indefinitely, where it presents a constant threat to a company’s brand and reputation.

What’s needed to counter that threat is a tool that better prepares organizations to enter the social media arena, one that strategically broadens your communications efforts on social media platforms, while at the same time helping you overcome the anxiety of engaging on social media.

Enter GFM’s groundbreaking Online War Room®, where we engage clients in simulation-style training sessions for multiple scenarios, including:


  • Clients entering the social media space, who lack an established response plan but have the desire to develop one
  • Clients who have a response plan but want to test and refine it
  • Clients who want to train their social media staff or educate their executives about their social media properties and “voice”
  • Clients who have known issues on the horizon they want to prepare for

The elements of a custom-tailored training session in the Online War Room® typically include:


  • Identifying the most frequent or most anticipated crises/issues
  • Using best practices to create an outline of a response plan (for clients who do not already have one in place)
  • Staging prospective scenarios, including selecting the individuals who will be posting and preparing several posts and conversations to start the scenario(s), and identifying potential photos and news stories that could be linked to based on the scenarios
  • Tracking actions and conversations so that we are able to review the conversation post-simulation; once the training is complete, we discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats revealed by the session
  • Reviewing the actions and conversations and updating the response plan as needed

Simulations in the Online War Room® can occur on-site or remotely. In either case, members of the GFM team sit alongside you, providing instantaneous feedback and advice as other GFM team members post remotely via various pseudonyms/accounts. We can adjust the speed of these you sessions so you can climb the learning curve at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

It’s a tool with global application. Through GFM’s membership in the Public Relations Global Network, the Online War Room® is available in Sweden and Australia and will soon be available to clients in Canada and Russia. It has also drawn media attention in such outlets as The Denver Post, Denver Business Journal, the Denver PR Blog, Ragan’s PR Daily,, Forbes Africa and O’Dwyer’s.