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Andrea Burns

Senior Director

Andrea Burns brings more than 20 years of crisis and cultural communications expertise to GFM|Centertable. With a background in government and emergency services, she’s provided boots-on-the-ground communications support for responses to emergencies, both natural and manmade. This work has provided a unique perspective on PR crisis response and how to stay cool under pressure. She is adept at seeing the big picture, and developing messaging, media-relations and community outreach strategies to bolster brands. Prior to GFM|CenterTable she was director of communications for Denver Community Planning and Development and CMO for the National Western Center: a new hub for food and agriculture at the site of the National Western Stock Show.

Northwestern University and University of Colorado Denver
Café au Lait

Urbanist, dog person, #vanlife

Andrea came to Denver after working in sports media relations at Northwestern as a student, and soon began a stint with VISIT Denver’s communications department. In this role, she had a front row seat to every SCFD cultural institution, restaurant opening, new exhibit and tourism destination in town, which only deepened her love for her new city. Away from the desk, Andrea assists in adult English language acquisition (ELA) classes. Even farther away from the desk, she can be found riding shotgun in a 4WD campervan, just out of cell range, en route to a weekend of mountain biking. Never one to skim the surface, even her travels involve a deep dive—on the Western Slope or around the world, she seeks to learn as much as she can about the unique foods, drinks and culinary products of a place, and how they’re grown or made.

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Carolann Samuels

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